Academy Pricing

The academy spared no effort to assemble a top-notch coaching team, led by the esteemed Mr. Simon Tahamata, former head of the Ajax Amsterdam academy. Additionally, we have recruited the best coaches from England, Germany, and the Netherlands to ensure the highest training standards. Furthermore, we have engaged the expertise of the top 50 consultants in the football industry, granting us unparalleled access to clubs worldwide.

Furthermore, we place great emphasis on the holistic development of our players, offering regular fitness training sessions and structured nutrition programs to promote healthy eating habits. We provide opportunities for talented individuals to participate in training sessions and tournaments regularly hosted by leading clubs.

Our pursuit of excellence extends beyond the field, aiming to foster versatile athletes who are successful both on and off the pitch.

Monthly fee structure:

Below, you will find an overview of our monthly fees, categorized by age group:

GroupMonthly fee
Alter 4–5 (Teufel-Gruppe - G1)125 €
Alter 6–7 (Teufel-Gruppe - G1)135 €
Alter 8–9 (Unterbau-Gruppe G1)150 €
Alter 10–11 (Unterbau-Gruppe G1)150 €
Alter 12–13 (Unterbau-Gruppe G1)150 €
Alter 14–15 (Mittelschulgruppe G1)150 €
Alter 16–17 (Mittelschulgruppe G1)180 €
Alter 18–20 (Überbau-Gruppe G1)195 €

After signing the contract, each player receives free training equipment, two jerseys, two shorts and four socks. From our sponsor, Adidas