The topic of child and youth protection has top priority at the German Football Academy!

Children and young people are members of the German Football Academy. They are enthusiastic about sports in our club's department. The underage members who regularly have the opportunity to take part in varied, age-appropriate events related to football.
The German Football Academy is aware of its responsibility to protect the children and young people entrusted to it and therefore actively campaigns against all forms of violence, be it physical, psychological or sexual. Our objective is to provide the best possible protection for children and young people, which is why everyone involved who works with our young people (e.g. as trainers or supervisors) is made aware of these issues in order to establish a “culture of looking”.

In order to protect children and young people in particular from sexual violence, we have implemented various measures.
The regular submission of an extended police clearance certificate as well as the signing of our declaration of commitment and recognition of our code of conduct are mandatory for all people working at the German Football Academy who work with children and young people. Of course, emotions must be allowed, especially in sport, and physical contact naturally also occurs. Our goal is not to stop this. Ultimately, coaches and supervisors should be able to hug their kids who are disappointed after a defeat or euphoric after a win. However, clear rules must apply to everyone involved, which we have established and are constantly developing.