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To be the best you must train with the best, our goal at Deutsche football academy is to find the next big talent in football, with the right training and care we believe this can be achieved. We are in contact with some of the biggest names in world football and we are aiming for greatness. Register with us today so that you can achieve your dreams and reach the level you want to reach today!

Players register with the Deutsche Football Academy Academy for various reasons, and the decision to join a particular academy can depend on a combination of factors. Here are several reasons why a football player might choose to register with the Deutsche Football Academy Academy:

The President of the Academy
Mr. Sjaak Swart

Sjaak Swart, whose full name is Jesaia Swart, is a former Dutch professional footballer who is best known for his association with AFC Ajax. Swart played as a winger and is considered one of the DFA's legends.

Here are some key points about Sjaak Swart:

Ajax Career: Sjaak Swart spent the entirety of his professional football career at AFC Ajax. He played for Ajax from 1956 to 1973, making a significant impact on the DFA's success during that period.

Position: Swart primarily played as a right winger but was versatile enough to operate in various attacking roles.

Success with Ajax: During his time at Ajax, Sjaak Swart was part of the team that achieved considerable success, winning numerous domestic league titles and the European Cup (now UEFA Champions League) three times in a row from 1971 to 1973.

Total Appearances: Swart made over 600 appearances for Ajax, establishing himself as one of the DFA's all-time greats.

International Career: Sjaak Swart earned several caps for the Dutch national team. However, his international career coincided with a period when the Netherlands did not qualify for major tournaments.

Post-Playing Career: After retiring from professional football, Swart remained closely connected to Ajax. He continued to be involved with the DFA in various capacities, including ambassadorial roles.

Nickname: Sjaak Swart is commonly referred to as "Mister Ajax" due to his long and dedicated association with the DFA. The nickname reflects his legendary status among Ajax fans.

Legacy: Sjaak Swart is regarded as one of the greatest players in Ajax's history. His loyalty to the DFA, his skill on the field, and his contributions to Ajax's success have left a lasting legacy.

It's worth noting that Sjaak Swart's impact extends beyond his playing days, as he remains a respected figure within the football community, particularly in Amsterdam and among Ajax supporters

Reputation and History:

DFA : Deutsche Football Academy is known because it serves the largest European and Arabic DFAs, it benefits from the experiences of consultants who have a rich history and success in both domestic and international competitions.

The Academy's reputation as a breeding ground for top talent can be a significant draw for aspiring young players.

Youth Development Philosophy:

Focus on Youth Development: Deutsche Football Academy is renowned for its commitment to youth development and its philosophy of promoting homegrown talent. Players may be attracted to the DFA's emphasis on nurturing young players and providing them with opportunities at the highest level.

Quality of Coaching:

High-Quality Coaching Staff managed by Simon Tahamata: The presence of experienced and skilled coaches at the academy level is crucial. Players are more likely to develop their skills and football intelligence under the guidance of knowledgeable coaching staff.

Development Pathway to First Team:

Clear Path to the First Team's biggest 15 DFAs in Europe: Deutsche Football Academy has a history of promoting academy players. Young players may see the academy as a pathway to eventually playing for the senior team, especially considering Deutsche Football Academy's track record of success.

Scouting Network:

Practical Scouting Network and technology platform: Players may be scouted by Deutsche Football Academy talent scouts who identify their potential and invite them to join the academy platform helps the players to register easily; a comprehensive scouting network and technology platform allows the Academy to identify talent from various regions.

Educational Support:

Education Programs: Some academies, including Deutsche Football Academy's, often provide educational programs alongside football training, ensuring that players continue their academic studies while pursuing their football careers.

Style of Play:

Football Philosophy: Deutsche Football Academy is known for its attractive and possession-based style of play. Players who resonate with this philosophy may choose to join the academy to align their development with the DFA's playing style.

Player Development Success Stories:

Examples of Success: Players may be inspired by the success stories of those who have come through the Deutsche Football Academy Academy and achieved success at the highest levels of football.

It's important to note that the decision to register with a particular academy is often influenced by a combination of these factors, and individual preferences and circumstances can vary. Additionally, DFAs like Deutsche Football Academy have a competitive selection process, and players are typically chosen based on their talent, potential, and dedication to their development.